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RetroMobile Car Show, Paris 2015

Are you Interested in, or share a passion for vintage cars? If so you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ll be attending the “RetroMobile” car show in Paris, France this year. The Retromobile Car Show starts February 4th and runs through the 8th making it a 4 day Exhibition. With over 100 Car Clubs & Automobile Artist this car show will be displaying over 500 vehicles and paintings for you to see. They will also have a Car Auction on February 6 for those looking to purchase a vintage vehicle.

Stop by Booth #D093 for information on Shipping, or Transporting a Vehicle.

Doug White from AbleCargo.Com and Chris Hoche From T.S.I Corp
will be on stand to help answer any questions.

They will also be accompanied by Carol Mey from Montelimar
who has been shipping cars to France for over 25 years.




For more information on the RetorMobile car show visit

For information on shipping your Vintage, or Classic Car overseas click here.

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Shipping Preparations for a 1894 Benz Motor Velo

Recently our freight team at AbleCargo.Com had the pleasure to ship a 1894 Benz Motor Velo from Los Angeles (LAX) to Luxemburg City (LUX). It came to us as a special order which required careful handling because of its age and fragileness. This Benz Velo was purchased from a museum for a collector who added it to his private collection and specifically reached out to us to help ship it. It required us to make a custom crate which needed to withstand turbulence, and provide an easier inspection method for US Customs.

Allow us to demonstrate our shipping preparations. We begin by placing the vehicle  on a “bolted” crated platform with wooden blocks to prevent the vehicle from moving, or sliding. We then add carpet to specific areas to prevent any type of wheel damage and use tie-downs to secure the vehicle again. We never use nails since nails are known to become loose during lots of movement.

Once the vehicle is locked in place we build walls around it and continue to use bolts to secure all areas. By using bolts not only do we secure the crate more, but also give customs an easier method of dissembling it during inspection. We also take an additional step and install a sliding window for  US Custom to use instead.

When looking to ship a vehicle overseas one must first make sure to select a reputable company who can assist with all your shipping needs. With over 35 years of experience not only are we a trusted and reputable company, but understand what it takes to provide a safe and reliable service. Contact us for more information on special orders. We specialize in shipping all types of vehicles and handle all types of custom orders too.

To watch a short video on the 1984 Benz Motor Velo click here.

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