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Boat Shipping

Are You In Need of Shipping a Boat or Yacht Overseas?

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We Ship Boats By Container & RoRo Vessel


    When shipping a boat overseas we provide two international boat shipping options from one to choose from. You may choose to ship your boat by container vessel, or RoRo. Boats can also be shipped with, or with out there trailer, but they’re usually dismantled and kept safe in a box with the boat. Since some boats are wider than other we side load them to make them fit in container as generally Container Shipping is cheaper than a RoRo Shipping.

    We Demonstrates Our International Boat Shipping
    Loading & Handling Procedures For Shipping Overseas.

    Services Available:

    Container Vessel – Roll on/Roll off (RoRo).

    Before shipping a boat overseas one must select a reputable company that understands how to handle such a procedure. Here at AbleCargo.Com we have professionally trained staff that understand the important and safety of loading and shipping a boat overseas.

    Container Vessel

    Our container boat shipping method simply include a procedure where we side load a boat to make it fit within a container. Next our trained staff secures the boat inside the container and provides padding wherever needed. Take a look at our International Boat Shipping video for an example on how we side load a boats.

    Roll on/Roll off – (RoRo)

    When shipping a boat by (RoRo) – Roll on/Roll off our professionally trained staff makes sure to safely package and mount your boat on the proper platform to provide the most secure and safest travel experience for your boat. Click here to watch a short video which demonstrates how a boat is loaded by RoRo.

    Services Available:

    Roll on Roll off (Ro-Ro) & Container Vessel.

    We are a licensed and bonded company that ships all vehicles types which include, but are not limited to High End Vehicles/Luxury Cars, Classic and Collectible Cars, Armored Vehicles, Modified Vehicles, Bulletproof Vehicles, Military Vehicles, Custom Cars, Race Cars , and more… We also accommodate all Domestic and Foreign makes and models.

    Before shipping your vehicle overseas one must first make sure to have or obtain the Original “Certificate of Title” or “MSO”, Bill of Sale or Commercial Invoice, a Copy of your Photo ID, and a Passport or Drivers License. For more information click here.

    We offer two types of Marine Insures for those who would like to insure with us. One has the option to select from an “All Risk”policy, or “Total Loss” policy.

    We’re also trusted and proud members of the NCBFAA, FIATA, TIA, Spider Freight Network, and the Better Business Bureau organizations.

    Roll on Roll off (Ro-Ro) and Container vessel.

    Before beginning the international auto shipping process of your vehicle please make sure to have, or obtain all the following documents:

    Original “Certificate of Title” or “MSO
    Bill of Sale or Commercial Invoice
    (Not required when shipping your own personally owned vehicle)
    Copy of Photo ID, Passport or Drivers License

    If the “original title” is not available or if you have a lien holder, shipping your auto is still possible. If we can show customs an original company letter headed document from the lien holder, stating that they authorize the automobile shipping with a copy of the title, and contact info with a name and phone number for verification. Please contact our office for more information on this process.

    When shipping an auto, U.S. Customs inspects the original title. With these shipping forms you have a “Power of Attorney”, which is an authorization from the “Shipper” or “Consignee” for the shipping of the auto; therefore, AbleCargo.Com can be your “export agent” with an acknowledgement of our “terms and conditions”.


    International Auto Shipping Booking procedures:

    All bookings for auto shipments are handled through our San Diego office

    When booking a car shipment, we require all documents above and payment before we can schedule a shipment. You can download the forms from this page or request them by fax, e-mail or mail.

    When sending the original titles, checks and forms please use a courier service such as DHL, Fed Ex or Express Mail. DO NOT USE REGULAR MAIL We can return the title same way back to you or to our overseas agent where you pick up the vehicle and documents.

    After we receive your documents, we provide you with an address and booking # for delivery to a Port or warehouse facility. When we are picking up vehicle from your door, pick up arrangements will be confirmed.

    A “warehouse receipt” or “condition report” will be issued when we receive the vehicle.

    1/4 tank of Gas Maximum.


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